The golden calf

In the case against the modern artist as reckless perverter of public opinion, the prosecution presents Beyonce. Every slack jawed, dead eyed, stoop shouldered, limp wristed, man boobed, soy bleeding, race cuck white boy has already lisped his exasperated love for her latest video, presenting his ultra predictable reaction in poorly filmed and edited youtube videos. Articles have already been hastily scribbled, bravely declaring that Beyonce’s diluted, stupefying trap single, in which an actual artistic performance or display of singing or writing talent is nowhere to be found, represents and empowers the specifically black struggle with such uncompromising honesty and sincerity that white people shouldn’t commit the obvious offense of even attempting to enjoy it. Many of these articles are written by white people. Because it is in no way self refuting and tribalistic to say that because of who you are, and the color of your skin, something over which you have absolutely no control, you are thereby utterly excluded from appreciating,  enjoying, and commenting on a work of art.

If you are white, and you say that Beyonce’s video is not for you or for any white person, you have nullified your own opinion, which is still an opinion about Beyonce’s video, which you have denied yourself the privilege of holding and expressing. The dizzying, circular, self sodomizing “reasoning” of the contemporary numb nut leftist bares itself in all of its incomprehensible glory, once again wasting no time in striking against itself first in a darwinian master stroke of grotesque altruistic instincts gone haywire. If, on the other hand, you are black, and you feel that this work pinched out by Beyonce is also not intended for an entire race of people, then you have fallen into the error of tribalism, and I will heartily condemn you. Being black and harboring resentment simply does not, by itself, grant you any moral or legal authority to determine how a work of art is received and used by private citizens of any color or creed.

In an open culture framed by universal principles, any and every product and opinion can be subject to criticism and praise by anyone for any reason. You are certainly free to enjoy art because, for you, it speaks to your blackness. And you are even free, obtuse as it may be, to attempt to shame other people for liking something that you think is only intended for people like you. Just know that everyone else is also free to reject your regressive bleating, and to shame you right back for your infantile behavior. No one should be cowed into silence and submission by an angry, aggrieved mob roused by opportunistic race baiters and professional panderers.

Furthermore, why is it always white people that are insulted and told not to tread upon ground not cleared for them? Can hispanic people enjoy Beyonce’s new song? What about Asians? Jews? Native Americans? Asians and Jews tend to be very successful in America, is that because there is a Jewish and Asian system of supremacy? Invisible strands of privilege swaddling their unearned advantages? It might have something to do with the fact that they work hard to obtain high paying, cerebral jobs, and don’t shoot each other, abuse drugs, and wantonly reproduce without stable family structures. I don’t know though. They still aren’t white, so we will hold off on hating them despite their successes.

Why is it that the fickle brained rabble is so entranced by figures like Beyonce, who supposedly speaks out against oppression, racism, and sexism from her position of extreme wealth and comfort? How does an artist of unequaled grandiosity, self absorption and aggrandizement, a loud mouthed, foul mouthed, ruthless, tepidly talented shameless huckster, become an icon of progressive politics? How does a video with tritely provocative images actually succeed in distracting attention from the actual content of the song, which is, characteristic for Beyonce and artists of her ilk, “I have nice things, I’m from a place, if you fuck me the way I like I’ll give you some things”? I’d venture a guess it has something to do with millennials confusing their narcissistic cravings with the advancement of the common good. In a fallen world the self rises to the old heights reserved for the gods.

I will repeat until the day my heart explodes and my brain hemorrhages, stop confusing entertainment with reality, stop looking to morally compromised and intellectually deficient artists for guidance.


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